12·21: Homecoming of the Highest Order

We made it to the end of this (universal 5) year of liberation in which those LOVEworkers who contracted to clear the (masculine) structures of human entrapment have succeeded victoriously.  All the spells/curses/illusions binding our bodies to the Plutonian underworld & the Scorpionic sacral/sexual slavery system are broken and we can now exit the matrix and walk away from the constraints of those karmic contracts for good.

The release from hell on Earth was an arduous 3-year journey that commenced on the 8/8 Lion’s Gate of 2019 when the “The Gates of Heaven” (nirvanic realms) opened on Earth and the (Satanic/Luciferian agenda) “completion codes” were delivered thru the 12:12:12 stargate of that same (12) year.  These codes unlocked the deeper/darker level mission work for those of the ancient Orders past…the diverse lineages of sacred occult & esoteric organizations, the varied priesthoods & priestesshoods amongst multiple mystery schools⇾ all the lifetimes of teachings that ultimately prepared us for this very lifetime of prophecy fulfillment & revelation.

It was during the March equinox of 2019…when we received the activating Grail Codes from the Sun…that many brothers & sisters of the Rose Orders awakened the sacred knowledge of the Holy Grail (encoded within our DNA) and have been working in the shadows ever since to unlock the Womb of Life by clearing & ascending the sacral energies for both the feminine (2020) & masculine (2021) Christ streams.  This intensive contract also involved clearing & ascending the “dark moon” (Lillith archetype) lunar forces that chained the female reproductive/creation system to the dark agenda, using the moon as a satellite to propagate false feminine fear/shadow programming thereby distorting and manipulating our emotional/creative/sexual (life force) energies to feed the false matrix.

As of the recent Scorpio lunation…and by way of the Sagittarius new moon/solar eclipse…this work is now complete.  In these 3 intensive years that initiated the long dark night for the collective of humanity, we have successfully eliminated the serpent (broken ties with “the devil”, both within ourselves & our divine union partnerships), sealed the underworld, removed the seed-point of separation, reversed the dark moon constructs, cut cords with the false womb matrix, reclaimed the Holy Grail, and finally planted our Original Soul Seed at the inception of our human suffering (core wound).

This means we are now officially growing into our authentic/undistorted Tree of Life (Original Divine Blueprint) and so a special shout out to all the fiercely Feminine-first (indigo) warriors of the Rose who fearlessly descended deep into the bowels of the earth to destroy the (dark) mother nest and dismantle the false lunar force keeping humanity hostage.  Because of you, Satan is no longer the god of this world. (2 Corinthians 4:4)

The result of all that inner alchemy is the return of our ancient Womb wisdom & our inherent birthrights of the Soul which means our Life Force is now our own and can finally be sanctioned for our restorative & Higher Creative capabilities. We now have the ability to work with the ascended, alchemical properties of Scorpio to bring our Creatix power more fully online and completely rewrite the sacral slavery programming that we worked so tirelessly to dismantle.

To support us thru this new level experience of (corporeal) alchemy, the lunar South Node (karmic destiny) will be moving through Scorpio from January 2022 to July 2023 (from 29° to 0°) which reads like a fated 18-month window of transformation for our bodies & lives…a time to “Make Gold of That”…to clear, cleanse, heal, release, & transfigure the core elements of our first (karmic) life to align with our Second (ascended) Life mission.

As we move thru this newly purified Plutonian energy we officially step into our roles as Master Alchemists…privy to the resurrecting effects of the Phoenix…to begin our new life’s creation in the tangible realms.  This will offer each of us a new set of skills to unfold as we learn to dance with the Holy Fire, refining our craft with the Elixir of Life gifted from the Cosmic Womb of Creation.

Abracadabra, and so it IS. ????✨

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