2021: Involution to Evolution

Welcome to 2021, a universal 5 year of truly progressive change…rather, the expression of change…and the potential for quantum leaps forward. As a life path 5, this numeric is one that I am very familiar with so I know first hand that while it is an adventurous and free-spirited frequency…which certainly bodes well for the emerging Age of Aquarius…at the other end of its polarity it craves structure and normalcy. It is an energy that is in constant search of what it means to be liberated in a way that feels safe but not static, grounded but not stuck.

I think that sentiment is a perfect way to begin this year of rebuilding which, according to my Sources, has two prevalent themes of change.  More on that in the sections that follow, but first a reminder that we spent all of 2020, a universal 4 year, building our new foundation as LOVE so that this year, as the Aquarian energy becomes more tangible, we have the security of Divine Law & Order beneath us to embody it.

We spent the first 9 months of last year seeding, rooting & sprouting our Tree of Life architecture to become the proverbial first-fruits, activating our inherent birthright to embody and reveal our True nature thru the reconnection of the Trinity of Suns & Wombs.  This year it is to BE the Tree.

[Tweet “Returning to our original state of (unified) consciousness, we return to being students again, chelas of the Cosmic Mystery for the next cycle of evolution.”]

2020 was the involution cycle required for the evolution cycle that is now beginning.  That gestation period incurred a global infolding of divine potentiality for materiality via a massive turning inward process that was ultimately required for the Great I AM (Monad) to step down in density.  For those who built their light vehicles thru which Source can manifest, this potential is now becoming viable to where we can unlock our own latent capabilities.

The involution enabled the feminine force of (Mother) GOD to rise and take the lead…to set up a whole new trajectory for humanity & Earth’s liberation via the return and resurrection of the Solar Cosmic Christess on this planet.  For that reason, 2020 was a (feminine) inward year of incubation…of being/reflection/stillness, of holding the (zero-point) balance required to release the planetary Kundalini (Cosmic Mother energy) which provided the provocative backdrop for the final acts of The Great Tribulation to play out.

The Cosmic Mother offered the impetus and space for tremendous soul searching on behalf of the whole of humanity.  She pulled back the curtain for the next awakening wave to face their (survival) fears of safety, sickness, scarcity, death…and even the perceived threats from external imposition⇾ suppression, censorship, domination, manipulation, etc., etc.  2020 was ultimately a giant mirror that descended upon the social world to reveal (with crystal clarity) the polarity that lives inside of us to varying degrees…a reflection meant to invoke & trigger all the unfelt feelings that block our collective evolution so, as a society, we can stop projecting these ancient fear programs onto the global screen.  (Remember that no one can besiege your power once you lay claim to your sovereignty…getting to that place within was the overarching purpose & plan that piggybacked these outer world events.)

2021 is a (masculine) year that will manifest the outer expression of aforementioned inner-transformations…a year that calls for tremendous wayshowership. It is a year in which we will actively embody the androgynous divine gender principle of unity and collectively gestate & birth a brand new alchemical Creation cycle out of our balanced masculine & feminine forces.

As chaotic as it was, Light & Love workers across the world accomplished the unaccomplishable in 2020, and those who completed their first life mission can wholeheartedly lay claim to that success.  Now, in 2021…with the Cosmic Christ principle upholding Divine Law & Order…the Cosmic Christess can be safely unleashed unto the world⇾ to resurrect & recreate life on Earth (as it is in Heaven).

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