Causal to Conscious Creation

Causal to Conscious Creation is what I would call a Crash Course on the sacred mechanics of Universal Creation. 

It reads like a manual but is written in an interview format and contains a compilation of questions and answers between myself and my oversoul (Pleiadian Council consciousness) on the energetics of creation as well as some practical ways to apply it.

I had been hearing for a long time that our participation with creation changes from 3D to 5D and I wanted to know exactly what those changes were, especially and specifically as it pertained to the glorified Law of Attraction.  

What I learned was so poignant and personally helpful, but perhaps the most impacting was the understanding that when we transcend the highs and lows of duality/causality in search of universal LOVE, we begin to operate within a new framework of intelligenceLOVE intelligence…which demands that we engage in the dynamic of creation in a different, higher way.

For so long I thought I was missing something with regard to the Universal Laws and that always-elusive matter of manifestation. As a result, it took me years to paste the parts together to formulate a mental picture of what I was only beginning to understand as the true concept of creation.

Luckily, I not only stayed the course…I documented it!  Causal to Conscious Creation is my own journey to remembering that which will hopefully lighten the load and lessen the learning curve for yours.

If you have chosen the path to greater LOVE and found yourself wondering why “creation”  just. doesn’t. seem. to. work. for you, the hard-to-find answers to some of the most fundamental, yet mystical questions can be found right here.

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