Centrifugal Healing

centrifugalhealing8x10A simple & powerful technique to release “core-wound” trauma.

Centrifugal Healing is a powerful alchemical tool given to us by the Pleiadian High Council as an effective and painless way to clear, or eliminate what they call  “original core wounds”.

The original core wound is a base level trauma that leaves an impression on the auric body and as a result, is karmically repeated over and again thru subsequent wounds stemming from the same “seed memory”.

This particular healing technique offers significant benefits:

1- Release of traumatic memories from the past that are too painful to recall for analysis.

2- Resolving core wounds even if you are not conscious of their origin…for example, unresolved wounds & emotional implants from past lives.

3- Because Centrifugal Healing™ uses alchemy to remove the core wound at the root, all corresponding cellular memory imprints are dissolved by default.

4- With a little basic understanding, the technique itself is easy to use and requires nothing but intention and a splash of imagination.

Centrifugal Healing™ is offered as a digital instant download and deliberately written in a simplified, clear & concise way so you can literally begin using the technique immediately.  There’s nothing superfluous to weed thru, just the facts and any background information required to get the best use out of this higher-dimensional tool.

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Your Centrifugal Healing Program and Soul Fragment Retrieval have been such and invaluable and priceless support I can’t even begin to tell you and thank you is such a small thing for what you have given me.. They came into my life in DIVINE TIMING at the exact point I was ready.   -Lesley Tara (Copenhagen, Denmark)