Cosmic Life Force Mastery

Cosmic Life Force Mastery is a “GOD technology” provided by the Arcturian Light Council consciousness to assist you to facilitate the frequency of HOME (Universal Life Force, zero-point, Source energy).

This guide provides the framework…a simple structure to consciously work with the original substance of Creation in conjunction with  Higher Will.

Applying the Cosmic Life Force to your life can be useful always, but especially at this particular time on Earth and for those leading the planet to her divine destiny. 

Because of that, this tool is designed to specifically support those at the forefront of human consciousness to actualize their full potential as an embodiment of GOD and the three overriding themes that are pertinent to all those transitioning into the nirvanic (GOD) realms:

—– 1) Physicalizing the Divine Body (Adam Kadmon Template)
—– 2) Returning to our True State of Divine Creatorship
—– 3) Activating our Higher Life Plan/enacting Divine Mission

Instant Tree-Free (PDF) Download


I’m really liking this Cosmic Life force Mastery!  It is perfect timing. I printed out the 1,2,3 steps with current decree in my NOTES so I can do it wherever I am. Very cool 😎. Now to KNOW results are in progress for physical manifestation!!  ~Barbara Brennan, VA

I just finished reading your latest creation and am in AWE! THANK YOU! The importance of consistency in developing new empowering habits YES! I as a flighty free flowing artist happiest in my imaginary realms, most def have challenges re structure, feeling caged in.  I LOVED all the info re decrees etc to help enforce and strengthen our creations. THANK YOU again. So much LOVE & GRATITUDE TO YOU!  ~ Kay P.

When I opened your email about Cosmic Life Force Mastery, everything suddenly fell away and I absorbed it over the next several hours.  It has (is becoming) an expansion of my practice.  The material on Universal Love Breath feels like perfect support, like an open door.” ~ Mary Hamilton, OR

I wish to thank you deeply for the Mastery Cosmic Life Force. The MCLF process reinforces our unification with the field of oneness and teaches us/suggest the way to integrate this TRUTH. While doing all of this, i felt that my body and self were being filled with the vibration/level of it all. ~ Anne Manceau, FR

This CLFM offering is suddenly easy for me and I am experiencing such a gentle, peaceful energy when commanding the restoration of my physical being with palpable, pleasing results. ~Jody NZL