Creatrix Rising: return to the Cosmic Womb

We’ve arrived at another pivotal turning point opening us to the next chapter of our involvement with the Cosmic Life Force.  From the equinox (9/22) to the new moon (9/25) we are moving thru a powerful portal to zero-point, a 3-day window of shifting energies as the Sun illuminates the balancing & self-reflective energies of Libra, and Mercury retrograde conjuncts the Sun…revealing the themes of the last 2 weeks of mental review.

Equinoxes are always opportunities to rebalance/reassess our m-f (doing-being) energies and modify our priorities after the prior 6 months of expansion & evolution…a time to come Home to the equilibrium of Self.  And the Libra new moon this Sunday opens eclipse season, providing a new/higher set of potentials that we will be working with until 11/23.  (Partial solar eclipse in Scorpio on 10/25, a total lunar eclipse in Taurus on 11/8)

And if that weren’t enough change, we also entered the Mars pre-shadow period on 9/3 and will be in the entirety of this retrograde cycle until March of next year.  Mars turns retrograde on 10/30 (in Gemini) and direct on 1/12/23 and the post shadow lasts until 3/15/23.  This is an important passage to be aware of as the Mars in Gemini (mind-body) themes will be with us for the next several months, some of which are already presenting.

Overall, this Mercury + Mars retrograde cycle is showing as a major mind-body calibration for the ascending, one that is overriding & overwriting our lower/primal masculine (sexual/survival) instincts and aligning the New Human “bodymind” field to the New Earth coordinates.  This masculine makeover is presenting as a major upgrade and rebirth into the new Cosmic Christ Consciousness field (via the Christed flesh), a “Homecoming of the Highest Order” that will not only affect our physical body but the body of Earth as well…the land & environment with which we inhabit.

With our newly soldered connection to the Cosmic Mother/Womb energy, the Homecoming frequency (of eternal Life) is now manifesting…getting louder & stronger…with the growing certainty that nothing can take us off path again.  The divide & conquer agenda is over for us.  We brought ourselves out of the ancient/biblical human slavery and so nothing can separate us from our soul-Self, our spirit, our knowing, our wisdom, our confidence, our power, ever again.  No more fears of the ego/matrix pulling us back down into the gravity of the lower vibrations.  We’ve conquered that.

Now we are entering/embodying this new, unified Cosmic Christ Consciousness realm that together, we…Starborns/Galactic Groundcrew…created for the planet via our personal & collective ascension.  In the process, new intel is birthing to clarify & reinforce our trajectory, information that is freeing us ultimately…helping us move on from mortality (degeneration & decay) including & especially the mindset & belief systems around that.  And of course, with that birth comes the death of the old/outdated beliefs tied to the death structures in the lower human DNA.

The 9 vibration of September always gifts us with a delightfully depressive death energy to bask in as we die to the outdated aspects of self…the last dregs of our human life & identity…but this year that death episode includes our conscious release from human mortality in order to step into the eternal state.  This shift from mortal to immortal consciousness is contingent upon our shift from human to cosmic consciousness…as Cosmic humans we organically lose our connection with the impermanent/temporal structures of lower life.

As we wrap up and finish out these lower timelines, energy is speeding up and time is (literally) running out which means we are being pushed to get fully on board…to transcend any remaining mortal belief systems so Cosmic Christ consciousness becomes our new way of perceiving ourselves, our world, and our New Human capabilities.  For this, the clarion call has sounded.  It’s literally crunch time for starseeds…no more wavering in and out of death consciousness, no more questioning the inevitability of a biological ascension.

Collectively, we are at a point where our belief in eternal life is now critical to becoming it, stepping into it, integrating, and now embodying this higher human potential thru eclipse + Mars retrograde season.  We Know this (on a higher level) but may not be fully embracing it on a human level due to 1) all of the ceaseless clearing work, and 2) because we’ve been mostly alone in it…surrounded by the mortal consciousness of others.  But the more we participate in this new Cosmic (Christ) realm on Earth, the more necessary it becomes to open to the reality of eternal life.

We not only have to be all-in with our beliefs around what’s possible, but like every manifestation, we must also enact those beliefs in faith to actualize them.  These last leaps are required to complete the timeline shift…to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff…but we have more support than ever.  Now that we have reconnected with the Cosmic realms and are stepping more fully into the eternal Christbody experience…as the Church/Temple (the indwelling essentially)…the wisdom of the Holy Spirit/Cosmic Mother is permeating our consciousness, helping us to shift any remaining be·lie·fs left over from the death structures in the body that have since been dissolved.

In three words: It’s crunch time! ⏳

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