Divine Governance: the authorship of destiny

Let me begin by saying that this is the first official New Earth report of/for The New Earth Institute, which is the next evolution of TWYH.  As we approach the end of an era this month, our focus is changing from becoming to being….from discipleship to Creatorship…from dreaming the dream to building it.

In preparation for this next level Service, the site itself has recently undergone a significant resurrection with the upgraded technologies…and more modifications on the way…to support our collective transition from linear to True (divine flow) Creation.  One of those alterations is a change in the report format/function which is shifting to more topic-specific, providing the “core curriculum”, as it were, for our New Earth studies.

NOTE: To learn more about the new direction of TWYH, the subsequent changes, and how they affect you, be sure to visit The School page.

As the ascending first wave of New Earth pioneers moves into phase 2 of mission…the construction/embodiment of Eden…I will be reporting less on the current energetic tide, which is inherently time-focused, and more on the unfolding of The Divine Plan…the “physics of the matter” if you will.

[Tweet “Understanding the Hierarchy of GOD and our perfect place within it puts everything into perspective, into right-divine-order, freeing us to step up and put our plan in motion, and/or to relax fully into our process.”]

Since the inception of TWYH I have been receiving  & reporting on the incoming/upcoming cosmic events and the ramifications they have had…specifically on our transfiguring bodies…via the Divine Feminine principle.  The new school/report format is showing as more revelation based…more (dare I say) “factual”…as the New Earth timelines densify, the veils lift, and our real reality presents in the physical realm.  This will therefore be a bit of an ongoing adaptation, yet a familiar one in that we have already created this next chapter, only it is now readying to reveal itself as we open to this new, Divine Creation cycle.

I have always maintained that ascension/embodiment is a community effort…that it takes a village…but the unfolding of The Divine Plan is bigger than that.  It is a monumental, multidimensional, global and galactic undertaking that involves the collective input from our YOUniversal Selves…soul/oversoul/monadic aspects…as each of us holds an intrinsic piece of the cosmic puzzle, offering a unique angle by which to view life thru the New Earth lens⇾ the multifaceted prism that is the diamond field of consciousness.

This new Creation cycle begins on the solstice when the social world moves into the Aquarian Age (more below) which honors uni·ty and the uni·queness of the individual, while also bringing together the collective of our personal gifts-talents-aptitudes-skills to create something entirely new…something that is greater than the sum of its parts…something that welcomes diversity, but not divisively.

The New Earth Institute @TWYH will provide an online hub for that discovery/remembering process.  An intentional space to gather, to bring together all the various facets of the Aquarian Agenda as we grow into it.  A Temple to unveil the Great Mysteries as they collectively unfold.  A school for experiential learning-teaching-remembering-sharing-evolving into our Alchemical Creatorship as we take up residence in the New Earth…as we awaken to and exemplify our new governing roles in/as the Office of the Christ.

Overlit by the Holy Mother principle, and with an amplified focus on the reconstitution of the Cosmic Solar Christess energy on Earth, the NE Institute will be especially devoted to LOVEing this beautiful planet back together again now that we have accomplished this (reclamation) for ourselves.  The Age of Aquarius is our long-awaited Return to The Garden, an age that honors the intelligence of our inherent, self-organizing, self-sustaining principles and structures that govern the organic world.  The NEI will provide a beacon online, pulsing a guiding light from the organic timelines while orchestrating the necessary components required to assist others to support & nourish the physical planet and her kingdoms thru her own resurrection.

Ultimately, TWYH’s direction is changing because we are changing and because we (as a collective) have called this forth.  For many, our missions end here which means they begin here as well…on the next rung of the ever-upward spiral.  As we walk ourselves out of duality and complete the long journey Home, we shapeshift into our new level purpose as Cosmic Christ Conduits…discovering & defining what it means to be embodied as GOD, while revealing to humanity what the New (Original) Human is Truly capable of.

See you in class! 🎓

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