Entering Christhood: exiting the matrix

October has been quite a fiery month of change so far, welcoming the new year’s energies with multiple endings, beginnings, activations, and transformations that are propelling us into new trajectories & life cycles.  As a result of all these changes…and due to an impressive onslaught of solar activity midmonth…our lower 4 body system has been purging at an ongoing, accelerated rate since the Aries full moon (10/9) which was a major completion point for the dissolution of the lower (carbon) body DNA template and subsequent release from the matrix.

As active as it’s been, the energies aren’t slowing down any time soon which means these body, life & relationship-altering themes will continue thru Scorpio season.  To that aim, we are currently moving thru 4 palpably shifting dynamics that began with the Venus solar superior conjunction on 10/22, Saturn stationing direct +  Sun & Venus entering Scorpio on 10/23, followed by the new moon (solar) eclipse on 10/25…the latter of which is a very new beginning point in the early degrees of Scorpio that will be working with until the late spring of 2023.

That’s a lot of birthing energy for our inner alchemist to work with as we awaken new (cosmic) superpowers to overcome some long-held demons holding us back from expressing our full potential.  These demons are the suppressed fears from the shadow world that we’ve been dredging up all year long to correct the imbalances in our self-worth, value & esteem that shaped our relationship with literally everything…ourselves, each other, and the world around us.

That former version of who we used to be no longer exists and we now have the opportunity to renew our relationship with Self, to empower ourselves with a new frequency of self-Love that enables us to feel safe in our vulnerability again, to open to emotional intimacy, to be seen & heard at a Soul level, to align with our True desires, and to allow forth the creative expression needed to pave our future paths.

The month ends with Jupiter returning to Pisces on 10/29 for two months, supporting us to resolve soul lessons and finalize any outstanding karmic contracts so we can cauterize the Piscean Age “wound of suffering” and put those played-out storylines behind us for eternity.  Finally, Mars stations retrograde in Gemini on 10/30 which brings the all-important body-mind themes into focus as we begin calibrating to the New Earth coordinates.

Even tho we’ve technically been in the completion energies since 2012, this astrological lineup…by way of eclipse season…will go a long way toward closing old life chapters that originated in the matrix so we can begin writing our new/true/original Life story in the Book of LOVE.  As the Sun, Mars & Venus move through the heavens, we will all be granted the opportunity to awaken new levels of confidence, deepen our sense of self-value, attune with our higher mission, and return to harmony within our personal relationships.  Energies that weren’t accessible are now becoming accessible and will provide us with a new strength to confront, cleanse, and chart the course ahead.

As we rise in self Love we ground this higher vibration more deeply into the body, rebirthing a whole new life cycle without karmic interference. For those complete with their shadow work, Scorpio is our season of regenesis…a time of renewal & release from the underworld structures⇾ the (11:11) doorway out of hell. ????⛓

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