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  • Nan

    December 5, 2020 at 11:18 am

    One sweeping, obvious answer is that all kingdoms grow and expand as one living being/entity grows and expands. Wherever energy raises its vibration in THE FIELD (The Cosmos), it’s raised everywhere.

    Because we’re in human bodies at this time, our focus is on us, but as we all know we’re just one part of a unified field, and in relation to Mother Gaia, there are many, many living energies that are part of/contribute to her overall make up. That define who/what Mother Earth is.

    My question is likely too broad and anyone is welcome to speak specifically about what they ‘know’ or experience with whatever realm I’ve mentioned. My intention is in a general way, to bring a focus on more than ourselves here, to remember and re-connect with the diversity, beauty and complexity of other living energies that make up Mother Gaia. Because besides re-connecting with other higher-dimensional star nations, re-connecting deeply with the heart and soul of the earth’s energies is part of what we’re here to do now that we’re moving out of enslavement.

    I’ll leave it there for now.