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  • Nabila

    December 5, 2020 at 7:45 pm

    Hi AdaPia


    Exactly the same. Different symptoms ( some similar tho such as no appetite , exhaustion, no drive etc)

    It’s actually quite heart breaking as like you I’ve had multiple creative projects waiting in the wings ready for completion that now feel unattainable due to this body consumption. I m losing the will to do anything but maybe that’s the lesson? To let go and let god?

    I too have had more external stresses in the past and I’ll be honest this whole journey had my body in the back foot but this is possibly he worst that I’ve been and just when I thought it was safe to resurrect I get hit by this. A lot of pain, depression, feeling like I can’t heal etc I actually feel joyless which is not like me at all. The melancholia is at times intense, my breathing sometimes difficult , muscle wasting/soreness off the charts-and the tiredness that doesn’t respond to sleep so enervating.

    I’m trying to stay calm but I’ll be honest it’s worrying and depressing.

    I guess the chink of light I feel is hearing someone else is potentially in the same place so thank you so much for sharing yourself.

    May this soon pass .

    With you all the way xx ????