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  • Anne

    December 6, 2020 at 7:29 am

    Hi Adapia,

    When i read your post i felt that your body is doing exactly what it needs doing, closing off and cleansing all your organs, digestive system and all systems and finding the space to regenerate. It seems that the 2020 energies coupled with the mountains/rocky/elemental high vibrations is bringing your body to clearing and adjusting to your new level of living, you are getting there levelling up….healing on the way….do you know that animals when they are ill they go naturally on a fast for many days. According to Irène Grosjean a brillant naturopath who had her dog sick, it went on a fast for 9 days then got up and went to drink some water in the pond.

    I recommend that you watch this film where she explains so much about our natural divine state of being body and how to give it the space again to live vibrantly. She explains so much in a simple and full of wisdom way. A must see to all actually.

    With Love