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  • paloma

    December 7, 2020 at 1:25 pm

    Hi AdaPia, I just read your post, thank you very much for your authenticity, for allowing yourself to be vulnerable and so eloquently expressing your experience. I’m one of those that very much am physically affected by the energies. This year has been beyond the pale with never ending fatigue, body pain, brain fog, chronic digestive issues, bowel inflammation etc. At times it feels that I have a burning volcano in my stomach to the point that I was pretty sure I had an ulcer. For the last few days the burning below the waist area has subcided, so I celebrate that. Today my low back feels like it’s broken, but that is ok I still can manage. At least the depression that overwhelmed me for years is gone, and I’m very happy for that. For over a year now I have been noticing lots of positive changes. My life has changed for the better, I’m mostly very happy and I feel immense gratitud for the process, to be awake and alive, for my family, for the incredible support and guidance I daily receive from the star beings, my team.

    Three years ago and after an intense research on the topic of physical pain, I found Kratom. It has made an incredible difference for me to be able to function, especially those days when the energies are very powerful and I feel crippled. It made a huge difference with the depression. The information out there from the FDA and addition it’s just not true. I take 3 to 4 onces per day early in the morning, that’s all I need. Some days it helps a lot, some other times when the downloads are very powerful it helps a bit, but enough to take the edge off the pain and lifts me up a little to get through my day.