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  • Anne

    December 7, 2020 at 1:43 pm

    Hello Adapia,

    That you turn to an ayurvedic practitioner for help and support is tremendous. We need each other, with our unique talent to support each other when needed.

    I am glad you enjoyed the video. Her work is inspiring, i was pulled to her work 2 months ago just before the Arcturians spoke about “a change of food” toward vegetables base food in the october report i believe. It was so in synch. Yet i found that this change is a paradigm shift for me, i have opened to it as i am strongly pulled by Live food rather than dead food yet the old way of nourishing is naturally ingrained in my flesh so i go step by step. I enter into this paradigm shift gently. @songbird mentioned recently in novembre that she has also shifted to this kind of food and is seeing the results on her energy, sleep and so on.

    I wish you an inspiring session on Wednesday ????