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  • penny

    December 7, 2020 at 5:55 pm

    I have been prodded to respond to this thread all day by the desire to help.

    That made me question???? whether I was guided to help or whether it was a selfish impulse to respond with some wisdom i deemed important at that moment.

    You may be pleased to know I did not put my ponderings into words until 12 hrs later.

    The words of another can only be helpful if they take you from your present perspective and make you see a choice: then, you are freed up enough from your present perspective to know it is not the only view.

    Now if those other choices keep you on the same plane of thought, then there has been no real progress: one has just replaced one belief/dichotomy with another.

    But if the words offered by another can take you out of that playing field then the option made available can change the game – or offer relief from that particular game.

    So, in that spirit, i suggest that we are an amalgam of our beliefs and unknown conditionings.

    To see our beliefs in that way and then volunteer to float in the excruciating void can ultimately loosen the synapsis connections that dictate our realities.

    This is a very uncomfortable place to be. I guess it can be compared to detoxing.

    None of it is real. Embrace the emptiness and smile at what we think we know.

    I didn’t mean to go all guru on you guys. But this way of expressing is all that came to me.