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  • Katinka

    December 12, 2020 at 3:14 pm

    Hi Nan, I love these questions. I’ll play! When I was pregnant with my second son 13 years ago, I developed a HUGE passion for trees. They just make my heart beat with beauty. I also have a HUGE overwhelming LOVE for tree spirits and characters that have portrayed them: Treebeard, Groot, Paddyjack (from author Charles de Lint). A few years ago I had a dream about higher dimensional trees. They were HUGE and two in particular stood out to me ~ one that housed it’s very own nature-made fort inside it, and another that had it’s own pond. Oh, I’ll NEVER forget those trees! Post enlightenment, the beauty of Nature is all encompassing and often stops me in my tracks. I have to remind myself to pay attention whilst driving because I get so distracted by the gorgeous energy emanating off the trees. The other night I was able to see the energy radiating off the tree-limbs as bright rays of light (and this was night-time). Trees (and Unicorn Store!) were what prompted me to start painting. I could go on and on…

    In other “knowings” I know that as humans evolve beyond survival and energy feeding so will all other animals. I love horses with a passion, but I’ve told them personally that they can be so boring because they’re so concerned with eating instead of playing with me. lol. Animals’ concerns of eating/surviving will evolve as our own concerns do. I also know that in the future, we won’t need to spay or neuter animals (just like humans eventually will not have unplanned pregnancies nor infertility) as all will be in balance.

    There will be more trust (as is already happening!) between wild animals and humans. Even friendships and relationships, though no “owning.”

    Flowers will also start to reflect our own immaculate, invincible perfection ~ no longer being susceptible to bugs/weather. We’ll start to hear the songs of nature more clearly as well as see colors (including new ones) more vividly. It’s all starting to happen NOW. FINALLY!

    Well! Don’t know if that was exactly what you were looking for but it sure was fun for ME. Thank you, Sister!