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  • Katinka

    December 14, 2020 at 1:57 pm

    Nan, I LOVE this discussion! Especially your vision and knowing of this: “I understood Lady Gaia trusts me to do this, just as she trusts every
    creative/artistic person. Getting that lady Gaia trusts me is HUGE. I
    feel so much more encouraged again.”

    You have SUCH a great gift and from my perspective NO reason to ever doubt yourself! I’m SUCH a HUGE FAN of yours! I do feel there is a TREMENDOUS relationship and connection to those of us who can see/understand/relate/commune with Nature and have the willingness to render creatively in unique expressions.

    Re: horses. Oh yes, they play! I have so many wonderful horse stories! There was a time in 2015 when I was going to visit semi-wild horses almost every week. It was Heaven. But…they still grazed too much. lol.

    Thanks for opening up this discussion. It’s GORGEOUS!