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  • Nabila

    January 13, 2021 at 3:49 am

    Hi Dianna

    I’m not sure if there’s any merit in my intuitive response but I’ll share any way.

    I wonder why you think you have not awakened. I don’t think there’s a final exam kind of ah ha moment to this process, that would be linear and this process is definitely cyclical and sometimes seemingly random.

    It moves in accordance with our capacity to believe/ respond to ourselves because we are the creator/s?

    Unfeeling that if you feel you’re not there then you can’t be there?

    The receiving of the office/crown/sceptre/status is dependent on our acceptance? Cart before the horse kind of thing.

    It is not bestowed upon us in the traditional sense? It is waiting for us who have been the army of Heart to feel we are ‘ there’ , feel sufficient self love/sovereignty/deservedness before we sense /feel the wonderful weight of the crown and sceptre descend? I think this is 5D in action.

    The Bride of Christ must be married to self prior the ‘ bridegroom’ acknowledging her?

    If you’re in this site I’m intuiting that your very presence is confirmation that you are awakened in many ways and it is maybe just you waiting for you to concede?

    The sense of visceral death in my personal experience is further confirmation , as the old template dissolves the flesh and Will ‘ to live’ feel weak.

    I hope this does not upset. As I said it’s just my personal take and my version of truth.

    Much love -you got this xx❤️????