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  • Anne

    January 13, 2021 at 4:50 am

    Hi Dianna,

    I feel your message and all of your questions…..when i read it there is one question that particularly held my attention, that is the first one : “is there a deadline for that “? I know for myself that this kind of questions not so long in the past have had my mind and my body in a lot of stress . Progressively my way of dealing with it was to address the question(s) to my higher consciousness in order to see through the stress, thoughtful stress and bring clarity in the knot, the content of the story, the misconstruction in it, receive the light/truth from higher on, ME or “my inner deep knowing” that you speak about/received. It is awaiting you/You Dear Dianna, Nabila says it very well.

    No one can stop us except the misleading/stressful thoughts that we adopt until we place them under the Light for Truth’s sake ! You are walking the way Diana, You are !

    Much Love to you ????