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  • Marcy

    January 13, 2021 at 3:25 pm

    Diana, I share the same fear; I have worried the same “worry” for years, in critical timeframes. Right now, again I feel fear, each morning I am thinking about it. It takes a resolve to full awaken, a decision and follow through, refusal to quit and then timing, for those destined… and it was a promise to you, wasn’t it? Not super complicated, super brave.. (fully awake meaning full dislodged from egoic mind, death to false self, to be reborn eternally)..but it is not a thing not controlled. It comes as surprise, after the letting go, I feel. It can’t be missed, like a train. That’s a lie.

    I’m hoping I haven’t failed (very big thing HOPE right now, in the strangeness of this new planet) I feel my fear, but I refute it, that “I’m late” “I missed it” FAITH comes in now, with courage, full throttle, and HOPE. My physical and spiritual circumstances all rattle & shake, and I am not in danger. I am safe; and I HOPE He Comes like a thief in the night. 😉 Remember the island of misfit toys on Rudolph tv show? The crowned, winged lion who guarded and cared for them, as they hoped for Santa? When they thought all was lost, it was finally too late, Santa arrived quite unexpected. Jesus did the same to his disciples, he said he would “be back soon” but didn’t show… 11 PM came round, midnight, 1 AM, 2 AM… then 3 AM and he walked across the water to them, 3 AM is the END of the former day but not the beginning of the new one yet. It is total silence and dead. That’s when He comes.

    My soul knew this life was BIG, all bets were on, all promises to come, destiny fulfilled, if I chose and stayed the course. It’s coming, He is Coming and never late, Godhead never abandons His/It’s promise or His/Her children. I agree with Lauren ( especially after waking this AM, I am getting hit hard right now by God-knows-what, and higher beings there too in AM seeing me through my suffering, told me today to “Hope” and breathe 😉 It’s fear and time to step all up. Let’s not give up. Goonies never say die, is what I think sometimes lol