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  • Lauren

    January 23, 2021 at 11:03 am

    Hi Angie, and thx 4 rerouting this topic here. To answer your question directly, everyone is responsible for their own clearing work. Yes, it took way longer than we all expected to dismantle the slave matrix programming, but that doesn’t mean that we absolved others of their own inner work. The experience of mastery (over the human condition) is a choice and that choice HAS to be made of our own volition…whether here or in another star system…because free will is a major component of this universe.

    This is why we are all being urged rn, to stay riveted to our side of the rainbow, so that those in our world can make their way over by their own free will choice, without our interference. We brought humanity as far as we could…literally to the gate(way)s of heaven…but it is up to every individual to now choose it, and then to prepare their mind-body-soul to embody it. The frequencies of the Christed timelines are too high/pure for anyone with miasmic distortions…those must be resolved from within.

    So the point of our work all these years was not to clear fellow humans…we are all responsible for our karmic load and depolarization…but to dismantle the false structures in our own DNA that were impeding the choice to ascend at all, and rewrite our biology/rebuild our bodies to their original/divine DNA template. We did this en masse as an ascending soul collective so that, by morphic resonance, it would change the structure of the human genome for all of humankind (ala 100th monkey).

    But that (warrior) work was just to make ascension a real possibility, to put this planet back on Her original trajectory for an organic ascension process and make it a plausible reality for all those who choose to ascend with her. (Prior to now, and for eons, that option was genetically and celestially altered/blocked by off-world forces.) This means it will be easier/more obvious now to choose ascension, but mastery is mastery…everyone must face and slay their own demons.

    Many have made the choice on a higher level (thru critical choice points and timeline jumps over the years) but have yet to remember it fully/consciously. And that’s where we come in as physical guides…for others to remember that choice as they recognize it in those who have gone before them.

    That said (and realistically) there will also be many who choose out, rather than go through the necessary steps of this transformation process to let go of their fears, trauma, preconceived ideologies, and personal/ego agendas that are not serving the highest good. It’s all perfect and it is all perfectly orchestrated…everything, including the chaos, is by divine design.

    In fact, all the chaos we are witnessing is actually ORDER rising…it is the restructuring process from all the photons as we move deeper into the photon belt. Photonic light structures organic matter to the geometry of divinity, and in the process dismantles/dissolves all the artificial/inorganic realities-timelines which we see crumbling all around us. Those of us with multi-dimensional awareness can see all of this from a higher vantage point where others can’t yet, which makes us a beacon…a glowing (northern) starlight for those who are ready to see thru the dark.

    Hope that helps to clarify.