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  • Lauren

    January 24, 2021 at 12:11 pm

    I’m not sure where these thoughts are coming from. When I receive them, they feel right and true.

    I will give you a guidepost to help you navigate the dimensional realities:

    1. The thoughts of our Higher Self are unified (of the unified realms) so they will always be based in unconditional LOVE.
    2. The Higher Self thoughts will be uplifting and grounding at the same time…encouraging, but rooted in reality, based on where you reside in your current state of development. This means that these thoughts will never be too lofty or complimentary and they will also never be disparaging or critical. If anything of either end of that polarity spectrum presents…withdrawal and question it.
    3. Your HS will always be honest, but with extreme care and sensitivity to the human condition. Any advice will always be in support of your continual evolution and progression toward greater and greater Self LOVE and spiritual Self-reliance.

    This is a time of discernment like no other so if you are in doubt about something you can always post in the Guidance & Support Forum for reflection until you get the hang of navigating these realms…we’ve all been thru and have to go thru the astral maze in one way or another and so there is a strong team of support here.

    As a basic rule of thumb: Never take any information at face value. The lower astral dwellers and programs are polarizing and will pit you against yourself. Your True Higher Self complex will unify your heart & mind/humanity & divinity, and show you a pathway to bring those two aspects together so that you are not open and pervious to external influence but anchored in your own sovereignty and growing in your resilience.

    To know if information is coming from a reliable source…always ask yourself if the source holds a resonance of LOVE…which is expanding…or fear, which is retracting. That way you can determine for yourself what this feels like and develop your own internal framework. Above all, thank you for your emotional honesty and transparency, this is something that will certainly help others along the way. ????

    p.s. Oh! and in case it gets confusing, I rerouted this thread to a new topic because I felt it deserved its own space.