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  • Angie

    January 24, 2021 at 2:50 pm

    I want to make sure I understand this so I can put it to bed in my head. So, everyone will have to do their own work, but it will be easier for them because over all these years we have created a lot of healing pathways for them kind of?

    Also, why did it take so long? I felt like we were supposed to be done around 2012 but here we are just now embodying our higher selfs. Was part of why it took so long is so we could create a lot of pathways for others or were we just not able to get through it as well as our souls originally thought? Also wondering if the perpetually positivity movement going around in the spiritual community had anything to do with it taking longer?

    Another question, I’ve heard from others that we ended up bringing a lot more souls into the higher timeline then what was the original plan. Do you feel that too? I’m wondering if this is why it took so long. Like, we decided it would be easier to bring more souls over if we kept clearing pathways then if we came to the other side in order to guide them back? IDK. Would love your thoughts on any of this. I just really want to release the past 10 years of healing work/suffering but my mind seems to want to put some of these questions to rest first.