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  • Ariel88

    January 24, 2021 at 3:45 pm

    hi Angie,
    I felt to add in response to you, from my understanding …..we built the roads, to make it available to others making the choices, and that, it took so long…I don’t have a complete answer for that, I just know it felt

    at beginning of 2020, that things were possible to create as source (I AM) that hadn’t been prior to that…..I felt and recall saying in conversation with a friend, we both were,
    that full steam ahead….something had significantly changed in the world….that meant no more interference.
    I had a strong urge in the first half of the year to move house, and in that process, found a place to live by myself, which felt really important.

    That deepening, descending, happened through my experiences, and culminated in me completing my Masters thesis, which allowed for an integration of experience, consciousness, knowing,
    and since I completed that in august, my sessions with clients (in recovery from addictions) have shifted and all of a sudden I am talking to them about tree of self early on as the framework we will be working in, in our time together. Consequently the new clients I have been getting a more ready and committed to their recovery.

    I feel more grounded in mySelf than ever…and a subtle restlessness disappeared when I realised in October, I do not need to be connected to anyone to survive. The nature of my relationships has changed in a subtle and profound way since then….

    anyway, this may or may not answer your question, but sharing from my own experience is what I find easiest..????