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  • Lauren

    January 25, 2021 at 10:47 am

    I want to make sure I understand this so I can put it to bed in my head.

    I 100% get that. In fact, I am not sure if you were in the network mid-2020 but we had a whole conversation going regarding the 2012 timeline shift that happened. It was a very healing moment for many of us, in fact, I think @katinka actually made a video about it.

    The gist of what I had received at that time was that 2020 was the 2012 timeline…that the extra 8 years were very real and very necessary…and that it wasn’t because humanity (the masses) weren’t waking up…the “great awakening” is just beginning at the soul extension level…but because there weren’t enuf starseeds awake to their missions. So from what I was told, there was a timeline diversion (that we all agreed to), another complete cycle, to bring as many people on board as possible.

    So, everyone will have to do their own work, but it will be easier for them because over all these years we have created a lot of healing pathways for them?

    As I understand things, it will be less challenging for three reasons:

    1. Because the slave matrix has been dismantled, and as the outdated physical structures & systems continue to dissolve all around us, the status quo is interrupted and it pushes people to finally question the big picture, to begin to open their minds to new levels of thought and awareness…to “awaken”. When they do, when they are “cracked open” they can draw on the many resonant resources available to begin the ascent and continue their climb. In other words, for the soul extension level, their awakening is precipitated by external events where starseeds/indigos/wayshowers were primarily awakened from within.
    2. Because there are so many of us who have already summited, assistance, support and guidance is more easily accessible…once they are in the vibrational zone to attract the resonant information…than it was back when we were awakening. There are multiple pathways established now that lead to the Truth within.
    3. Lastly, there is/will be proof of the new earth timeline thru us and our abilities/creations so others can see/witness that there is another choice available other than suffering. Most don’t know that other options/potentials even exist…by design.

    Also wondering if the perpetually positivity movement going around in the spiritual community had anything to do with it taking longer?

    I am sure this contributed as this is another astral block…an example of an interference program that obstructs those people who over-identify with the “light” in lightwork from integrating their shadow side. Aka, it is all part of the lower astral matrix programming…called by my team, “frequency fencing”…that traps awakening souls and keeps their consciousness bound to polarity so ultimately they never clear their own miasma.

    This is likely why many starseeds didn’t fully awaken and/or actualize their missions because we are/have been targeted. The “war between light & dark” has ultimately been the dark order against us…the Jedis here to guard peace and justice ala George Lucas’ Star(seed) Wars…those who carry the Christ seed (aka the Force) have been targeted from GO to prevent our actualization thru our life’s events, relationships, mission work, finances, etc. And for a minute there, it was working. But that timeline has since collapsed.

    These astral traps still exist and are now hooking many at the next rung…the biggest and clearest example is via the rampant conspiracies that perpetuate the narcissistic agenda, convincing otherwise good people to believe bad things and keep the hate and division going. (i.e., Those in our country who are hellbent on destroying democracy in the name of “saving it” honestly feel they are doing the good work via an intentional misinformation campaign that is fueled by a MUCH larger, much more sinister, and much more hidden/underground and off world force.)

    All this will continue to play out in the physical and eventually run its course but again, by vibrational law, it is up to each individual to awaken from the illusion-delusion by taking responsibility for the division within. And everyone on this planet is being given multiple chances and opportunities to do that via the greatest act of GOD/Unconditional LOVE.

    That said, the original monadic downlines of Christ⇾ “GOD’s Army” is here now, awake and able to serve in this capacity. We can’t do their work for them, per se, but we have them “surrounded”…available to assist from all sides. A bonus of the extra 8 years of hell perhaps. ????

    Hope that covers the scope of things and helps you to find peace with the process. I know for me personally, I was finally able to let go of holding when this intel presented…everything just kind of made sense, fell into place, and an unrested part of me finally relaxed. I wish the same for you and everyone here. ????