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  • TeriE

    January 25, 2021 at 3:45 pm

    “These astral traps still exist and are now hooking many at the next rung…the biggest and clearest example is via the rampant conspiracies that perpetuate the narcissistic agenda, convincing otherwise good people to believe bad things and keep the hate and division going. (i.e., Those in our country who are hellbent on destroying democracy in the name of “saving it” honestly feel they are doing the good work via an intentional misinformation campaign that is fueled by a MUCH larger, much more sinister, and much more hidden/underground and off world force.)”

    Lauren, thank you so much for reiterating this! A weight that I didn’t realize had snuck its way back… just lifted again!

    What a Gift TRUTH is for ALL! Hearts lighter.. Yeah:)))))