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  • Lauren

    January 26, 2021 at 9:25 am

    “The extra 8 years” – this makes me think of the 8 year long Venus (heart) retrogade (towards source) cycle. Venus goes retrogade in only 5 areas of the zodiac and every 8 years she returns to retrogade in the same area/sign.

    In 2012 Venus (Heart) went retrogade in Gemini (Mind). And in 2020 Venus went retrogade in Gemini again. If we look at Ascension as the Great reconnection between Heart and Mind then maybe in 2012 it became clear that this Heartmind reconnection had to go deeper/higher as we were able to see at that time. In the cosmic clock Ascension occurs at the bottom of the chart, where heart and mind balance, at the portal that connects Gemini and Cancer, the connection between the mental and the emotional bodies.

    The bottom of the chart is the Unconscious realm (what we don’t see/know), the last 8 years have been a process of making the unconscious conscious. Not only was it a process of becoming conscious of our Heartmind union, but also of becoming conscious of the false agenda, the core issues aka the lower mental-emotional constructs that prevented our unobstructed connection with Source, a process of bringing light and awareness into the deepest, darkest parts of ourcellves.

    2020 was the right time for our complete Heartmind reconnection because this time we also had Saturn in his home sign Capricorn, which is a time of (reclamation of) pure Source connection. Capricorn (source connection) is at the top of the cosmic clock, the polarity and divine complement to the bottom-of-the-chart-place of Heartmind balance/connection. It was the time/alignment for the great reconnection of our Heartminds with the Heartmind of Cosmic Creation, aka God.

    With regard to conspiracy theories and the capitol riot event – which played out under sun in Capricorn, after Saturn had completed his mission in Capricorn – I think this speaks to the outer reflection and manifestation of the lower mental-emotional constructs that obstructed our Source connection and that translated in an unloving relationship between the people and the government (outer reflection of the inner relationship between our human and divine aspects). In the bigger picture this is all very reflective of the big karma of our times – the m-f imbalance, and the patriarchal system as the culmination or final act of the lower reality. It was a necessary expression and manifestation, a coming-to-the-light of that which used to be in the collective unconscious preventing our True Self expression.

    From this perspective it would be valid to say that everyone, the entire human collective, has done their work because all this was part of the grand dismantling of the slave programming from the inside out.

    Now we can begin brand new relationships based on the inner (re-)union of male-female, human-divine, people-government, child-parent, student-teacher, etc.