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  • Nabila

    January 31, 2021 at 9:49 am


    Not sure I can offer any wisdom but all I can say is snap!

    We seem to have such similar life stories and I too have perpetually struggled with the too big so stay small dynamic.

    Our story is so similar even down to the age-14- scenario!! ????

    The ‘ I know better than you’ thing is also something I have felt but been so conscious about aka aware of my potentially inflated ego that I immediately shut myself down due to knowing and experiencing the mat there would be backlash.


    Feeling my way forward atm allowing my sense of sovereignty some air time and reminding myself I have earned this crown now but also staying aligned with the idea that it is best for me to embody full receivership vs trying to ‘ get out there’ to be of service/fulfill self.

    The fear of being too big or ‘ unacceptable is still there however.

    Th ma for sharing. There’s so much of use on this site every new moment-so many synchronised experiences/events in our apparently disparate lives. So exciting!