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  • Lauren

    January 31, 2021 at 6:32 pm

    Hi Dawn. I just read your story and it feels exactly like mine! Every bit of it!

    I have only just started my process of connecting back in and utilising this power after a lifetime of being cut off from it, so I can only offer what I know now and have come to understand about it. But it’s very early days for me and I’m hoping to learn through this post too.

    First, it is just a process of REMEMBERING and RECONNECTING! Ask yourself why up until now you have not been able to connect/utilise this power. It’s there, you can feel it, so why have you not been able to access it? It has nothing to do with where you are at on a personal level, or whether you have changed as a person over the years. There is another reason. So what is it? (these are questions I had to ask too).

    Up until now this power has been there but it has been almost like a memory, dormant, with no way of connecting into it! This was not your / our fault. This is our power source, it DOES belong to us. So why?

    The short answer is, there just simply wasn’t a means of doing it. Not up until now at least. This process we have all been going through had a purpose. It meant something! All those wasted years, pain, suffering. It actually meant something. It created this moment when we can all finally connect back in.

    So what do you need to remember to do this? It is available now. For all of us!

    All I will say is….is that SHE needs you as much as you need her. She is your source as much as you are HERS. She needs to wake up now and come back into HER source of power, after eons of being dormant/asleep/with no access to it (just like you/us). But she needs you to be able to do it. So REMEMBER and RECONNECT. It’s that simple now. And we ALL need to do it! It’s what we are here for! (Something I’m ashamed to admit I almost gave up on/let go of). But we can’t. It’s up to each of us now! And once we do we can finally start to use it, in our lives, creations etc