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  • Igor

    February 4, 2021 at 2:14 am

    I have noticed that we are mostly in places where reality needs to be healed by ourselves. When we realize this and understand it, it is already healed and will be reformatted. But lately, I’ve been seeing all these sharp corners being handled better and more efficiently, but we’re still doing the job. The stars of the soul of light embodied on earth are much more effectively distributed throughout the planet in the south, in the north, in the east, and in the west. When we fulfill our purpose, we return to our essence and begin the second mission in accordance with the movement of the earth further. I’m more concerned about another question: when will we get back to 5D physically. I am currently studying the materials of RA-6D and using their experience to understand the embodied life experience. In fact, we are fulfilling our mission, as well as for the experience of helping the earth. Many from the higher aspects of the universe come to help in their incarnation even from the world of 6D, but they were never able to return to their true essence and were captured by the world of 3D forms playing in duality. I agree with Nabeela that we need to be neutral if we want to reach our 5D world via the rainbow bridge. Because a crooked path can capture and lead the way of the dark order through the thorns to the stars, I would not like to incarnate in such systems, because we will fail, because it is the other qualities of selfishness that are encouraged there. This is a very fine line of the question you are talking about. Now is the time of change and the souls on earth are choosing their path in their timeline. The first way is the earth in galaxy 3D. Earth’s second path in the 4D galaxy is to seek and serve through the ego. The third way is the earth of our solar system 4D+ search in service and service to other people. This is what concerns people. And for us, the assumption is to drive on the 4D-earth through the rainbow bridge to the 5D-world. Light, love, and wisdom. Adonai.🦄🏂🌈