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  • Lauren

    February 4, 2021 at 10:58 am

    There is no way of being here without being subjected to to all the crap that comes with the 3D world. As a darkworker this “crap” attaches itself to me on a daily basis. At first, I use to fight it or stand up to it. But over the years I got sick of the backlash that made things even worse for me so I capitulated and now I just take it and take it and take it!

    At this risk of sounding redundant, this is why we were being pushed so unbelievably hard to put up boundaries in January…because now that we are in February (2 month of relationships) those boundaries (or lack of) are going to really matter.

    But the key is that you have to find the Heartmind balance point between extremes. It’s not about not fighting against it (resistance) OR giving yourself over TO it… it’s about finding the triality point, the 3d merged option of those two extremes and acting from that place (of sovereignty). In practical terms, this could look like communicating your truth, but from a place of clear, calm (inner) authority…anchored in your self worth and without getting emotional (read: triggering the wounded inner child). Speaking up for what matters to your heart, but while also acknowledging and accepting where others are on their journey. Not this OR that, but this AND that.

    Remember, alchemy is an amalgamation…a COmbining. This isn’t about laying demands but taking COmmand of your field…the CO in command is the key, it is mutual, finding a joint commonality. This is what I was speaking to in the lunar update at the end of last month ⬇️…putting up a personal boundary around your field is a requirement to close the gateway to old earth. It’s not that those around us will suddenly change, altho they could, it’s that we won’t be vibrationally affected once our forcefield is intact. Maybe reread the section in the report on the forcefield technology with this perspective because like I said before, we’re in the big leagues now and this isn’t going away. You have to find this middle in order to ascend the wounded child to the Holy Child…to ascend out of the old dynamics…otherwise, it will feel absolutely dreadful. Hope this helps.

    “Ultimately, now that we have finalized old contracts and cut those cord attachments, we are being asked to close the gateway to old earth with a declaration of authority & resolve thru this passage, which is bringing us directly into a Mercury retrograde review and just prior to transitioning into the (2) month of February, aka ⇾ relationship revisions.

    This spoken intention…which must be done in neutrality, from the Heartmind balance point…will enable the Feminine Force within to flip right-side-up into her rightful place and position as the alchemical change agent for the Age of Aquarius. She is stepping into True authorship of Her destiny, freedom, and leadership over Her own body & life (force)…keeper of her own overflowing Cup.”