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  • Lauren

    February 6, 2021 at 12:01 pm

    My pleasure Maria tho I am just a mirror of what lives within you…your own resilience is palpable and you are much stronger than you may think. I hope this is the reflection you see now, because it is the accurate one. You are a womb warrior and have been fighting the War of the Rose. Don’t underestimate your power and the role you played in the battle for the Holy Grail…for the return of pure, unconditional LOVE on this planet.

    …along the way I confused “neutrality” with “taking it” and lost my power in what was happening

    We ALL go thru this…its part of the core wound clearing work. We have to experience both sides of the polarity spectrum b4 we arrive at the sacred triality/neutral Heartmind point where can amalgamate both polarities into ONE in order to alchemize those feelings in our cauldron of Creation. Aka, your right on target. 🎯

    I honestly don’t know how to not be alone! And I’m tired! I’m sure we all are!

    After so many years in the cave, I too feel unfit for the social world as my personal life and work and perspective and reality are completely unrelatable to most…but with our forcefield intact we will adapt and assimilate in a NEW way, a way that BRIDGES worlds and is comfortable for us and for those we interact with. And tired doesn’t really cut it…we are experiencing lifetimes of battle fatigue, warring with Lucifer for our birthrights while the world has been asleep around us for eons.

    Weirdly, in my mind’s eye, I am seeing a whole scene of Snowwhite and the “forbidden fruit” that put her into a coma until her “prince” (inner/divine masculine counterpart) rescues her from her slumber, giving her the strength to go on. I guess that’s where we all are rn…we’ve been at this alone for SO long, warring without the support of our divine masculine counterpart…but he is born again, which means we can stand in our sovereignty again. 💪