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  • Lauren

    February 6, 2021 at 8:24 pm

    I’m feeling deeply overwhelmed and raw from everyone’s responses and what I want to say right now is so hard to articulate. But first thank you! Lauren, Mary, Astoria, Teri, your words mean so much. And I can see we have all suffered deeply on this journey and are all trying to find a way to be in a world we don’t truely understand or feel like we fit in. And that the way forward now is one we will all uncover together, bit by bit, and build that BRIDGE over that glaring abyss that stands between this world and the one we are entering. It’s going to be a group effort and everyone of us is needed. We can’t just give up! Not when we are so close. I see that now!

    Lauren thank you for helping me put together my final missing pieces. To fully understand! I was so touched by your words! I feel complete now. And ready. In a way I feel like I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life as a Warrior of the Rose 🌹

    Since I was 23 I’ve been sitting on a story. The story of our time in the “Garden”, Earth’s true history. The story was given to me/conveyed to me by Mary Magdalene while I sat in St Marks Cathedral in Venice. She told me the story like it was her story, but my story also. I was confused at the time. How could it be both our story? But as the story unfolded I felt it like it was mine – the beauty, the love, the connection, the desolation, the anguish, the loss. And it has stayed with me ever since. Over the years I tried to share this story with others in spiritual circles etc and everyone stared at me blankly. I was so confused. This wasn’t just a story, it was THE story, humanities story, OUR story. So where was it? Why did no one remember it? We all talk about our other connections Atlantis/Mayan/Pleiadean etc, have memories of these times/lives, but why not this particular time, other than vague references to it?

    It wasn’t until 2 weeks ago when Lauren wrote about this time in Earth’s history and mentioned that it had been wiped from Earth’s Akash by those that have been running the show since the original “Fall from Grace”, that it all finally made sense. We hadn’t forgotten, our memories were “TAKEN” from us…..stolen. Not just what happened in that time, but who we were! Completely wiped! And then I understood Mary Magdalene’s story. She wasn’t giving me her story, or my story….she was giving me “a” story, as a key into that time, so I could begin to remember who I was and what I had lost. This story is all of our’s story! It belongs to all of us. It is the key we all need so we can reclaim who we are! And I want to share it now how I remember it through her (I would also love to hear others versions too, so bit by bit we can put back together what was stolen from us and begin to reinstate it into Earth’s Record).

    I remember the Garden. I remember a civilisation so beautiful, so gentle, so full of love. Unlike any civilisation that has existed on this planet. A civilisation that thrived because of our connection to our Mother (Earth). She was us and we were her. There was no separation. All our power was derived from her. She was our source and we were hers. I remember this power/this life force coursing through my body, filling me, exuding from me. I remember being a conduit of this life force as it flowed through me and then back into the Earth. I remember the humility that came with the knowing that I was nothing more than a conduit of her life force, and the knowing that I was everything because of it. I remember knowing who I was.

    And then I remember the Serpent. I remember the loss, the complete desolation of everything that I was, as one by one we were “TAKEN”, severed brutally from our Mother/life force and completely lost. I remember our Mother’s anguish, her screams of pain as she lost each of us one by one, her children taken from her, cut completely from her womb. And I remember that those of us that survived, were forced deep underground (inner Earth) in order to try and save a remnant of a remnant. Those of us that survived (I believe most of us here on TWYH) became the first “Cave Dwellers”, the first “Darkworkers”, the first priests/priestesses of the original gnostic orders. And I remember in our last act of service as who we were at that time, we used our bodies one last time as conduits, to save our Mother who was dying. I remember we opened up to her one last time, and siphoned off her pain into our own bodies, sharing it equally among us, pledging to carry it through time, until such a time when humanity was ready to wake up again from its deep slumber and connect back into her womb. I then remember the anguish of having to put her to sleep. And I remember how in this act we disconnected ourselves from her. That we did this knowing it was our end. I remember the pain was intolerable, and I believe for many of us “Too Much” and we deceased our bodies in the act. I then remember the eons of lifetimes we have all lived, carrying this burden, all the while trying to keep the balance of love going until we were ready again to REMEMBER and RECONNECT. A responsibility that we have remained committed too, even though it has overwhelmed us. A responsibility that we are seeing through today. The fulfilment of our original pledge, that when the time was right, one by one we would connect back in and wake her up, reinstate her, allow her to complete her own purpose, and ultimately we, ours!

    And now I know that all this was taken from us by those that have been manipulating us until today. What better way to keep us subjugated/controlled if we don’t even remember our own story and who we were. Moreover, how simple the solution actually is. Because the simple truth is all we need to do is connect back in, and we do this by remembering first. We remember HER, our connection, our Mother, our true and only source. We remember that she needs us as we need her, and then we just plug back in.

    And going by the severity of the “attacks” atm from the so called underworld we must be pretty close to accomplishing this feat. For those like me that have been brutally subjected to this energy in recent times, I think we just need to remember who we are, look at in the face one last time and just say “NO” to it. And if you were “taken” like me, then just know that you allowed yourself to be taken one last time as it was the only way to remember. You did nothing wrong! It was just your way of waking up from the dream. and if your feeling rage like I am atm, it’s not just about what was done to us, it’s also rage we all carry that is all directed out ourselves from this time. That we couldn’t stop it, that we were powerless to it, that we let it in. That somehow we weren’t enough and that because if that we failed her and ourselves. At least that is how I have been feeling.

    Again Lauren and everyone thank you so much. Let’s all commit to a phase 2 and wake our mumma up! 💖🌏🌈

    PS This strangely feels like end of mission one for me. Done!