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  • penny

    February 7, 2021 at 1:16 pm

    I so enjoyed reading your account of this story.

    The sincerity of your words gave life to its truth.

    I have no memory of this story but your words opened a place within me for me to explore my own depths.

    I have always been painfully aware of humanities separateness from Mother Earth. As as much as I have tried to find that connection that is missing I always just come back to the nothing.

    I do have one past life memory that I had forgotten about until I read this. I forgot about it because it didn’t seem to have any current relevance.

    I remember being part of a community that lived in caves that were in the high walls of a canyon. Sort of an ancient high rise – the caves were in both sides of the canyon floor and we could look across and see others.

    It was not clear to me how we even got into the caves because the walls seemed sheer. I think that is what kept us hidden and protected.

    This memory came to light in the early years of my membership to TWYH. At the time the relevance of the memory seemed to be that that community was some kind of hidden religious/spiritual order that was forced into hiding

    We had pledged allegiance to our mission/order.

    When the memory surfaced I had no idea what the mission/order was. I just remember being totally pissed off because some pledge I had made thousands of years ago had some kind of stranglehold on this life.

    Right now I have no idea if this memory or that particular mission has anything to do with the Story you have relayed.

    But in the spirit of pursuing the truth it’s worth bringing up now.