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  • Lauren

    February 8, 2021 at 4:04 am

    I completely get it Nabila! I think we have been holding the feminine so long we virtually have no relationship with the masculine…the world of action, doing. And I understand what you mean by “disallowed” because it hasn’t felt possible until now to engage in this. I feel we were held back. It’s going to be so nice to exercise this muscle after SO long! And it will be interesting to see how this plays out in jobs/careers. What you said about “ethics”, “right and wrong”……literally the story of my life. I just can’t look the other way, making things difficult for myself!

    It’s good your feeling some shifts in this area. And just to be seen again after so long would be so nice. I’m glad your getting some validation in this area. No longer the invisible person like we aren’t even there.

    On a slightly separate note it reminded me of a funny experience I had in a restaurant once when I was really feeling invisible in my life. I went out for dinner with a friend, we ordered drinks and then she got up to go to the toilet. The same waitress came back while my friend was gone with two drinks. As she approached the table she looked really confused. Holding the drinks she looked at my friends empty seat, then back at the drinks, then back at my friends seat. She was oblivious to me sitting there looking at her. It was like I wasn’t there. She then got one drink and put it down in front of my friends seat and then stood there looking absolutely bewildered with the other drink. Then suddenly she grabbed the other drink and put it down in front of my friends seat and walked away looking really confused. I just started laughing. She genuinely couldn’t see me! I was the only one at the table and I didn’t get a drink 😂. Talk about being unseen!