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  • Lauren

    February 8, 2021 at 8:29 am

    Lauren….quick question! All this time you have been conveying/making reference to in your reports/blogs, the story of Earth’s beginning. However, all this time I was reading it and it wouldn’t gel, I couldn’t understand it. It was like reading something in another language for me. I couldn’t recognise my own story in your words. I already knew the story but no matter how many times I read about it through your reports it would be like my eyes would glaze over and there was no understanding and I couldn’t make the connection. I could feel something in my head that was preventing understanding. Like a wall! And I was soooo frustrated!

    And then through a series of events, I was finally able to break through that and I could finally read your reports and the true message they were conveying. I couldn’t believe I couldn’t see it before, as it was so clear, and right in front of me. It didn’t make sense, that it never made sense. I’ve know this story since I was 23 (over 22 years now), so how could I not see it in front of me?

    So my question is: is this the Matrix? Is this what it was designed to do from the get go? That not only was our story wiped from Earth’s Akash as you wrote, but we are also individually prevented from accessing it somehow by what was done to us? To not be able to see/hear it even if it right in front of us? I know this sounds very “conspiracy theorish” but going from my own experience and what it took for me to break that “barrier” whatever it was, I’m really thinking that it has to be something like this. Either that or I’m not so bright lol! Which let’s face it is a possibility….😂😂😂😂.