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  • Lauren

    February 8, 2021 at 11:01 am

    …is this the Matrix? Is this what it was designed to do from the get go?

    In a word: YES

    There is implanted in the lower human genome what my team refers to as a firewall (aka “the veil”) that prevents our access to the other side where our True memories are stored. And not only does this implant prevent cognition, but contained within it is a program (codon) to redirect our consciousness to the false grid⇾ aka “the matrix” which is an artificially simulated hologram, a false reality based in non-organic life.

    Because of the strength of this program, it takes a tremendous amount of (divine) will to reroute that neural pathway due to the fact that it is so extremely well worn…eons worn. This is why the “warriors of GOD” were sent here to battle. Because we knew we had the strength, fortitude, experience & persistence to prevail…that we could “achieve the unachievable.” 🌹💪♥️