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  • Lauren

    February 8, 2021 at 11:53 am

    Exactly, these are the “brainwashing programs” i was referring to in the Mercury Retrograde update:

    “I am hearing specifically that this is the 🔚 of the spells and slave system brainwashing that limited our power, made us second guess ourselves/feel less than, and that inception (seed point) of this (timeline) goes all the way back to Genesis.

    This Mercury rx rewiring to the Higher Mind consciousness is also connected to/the result of our Life Force reclamation that took place during the Mars rx cycle and the restoration of our personal power/inner authority (via Jupiter + Saturn conjunction and under Capricorn Sun). This will promote the masculine Christ mind clarity needed for this newly masculine year in support of the feminine.

    Also to note, as we get our “power of the mind” back from the matrix we are simultaneously clearing fear programs in the body…”

    This is what we have been clearing from our mindscape since the Leo full moon in particular, now that the lower masculine (mental) constructs have been removed. This is the grounding of “enlightenment”. ⚡️🧠💡