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  • Anne

    February 8, 2021 at 1:57 pm

    Lauren, this connects the dots with my own experience of my inner journey, psychic world. What i recall clearly is this. When i was living with Christian, i observed that when he was out of the house i would access my connection, realm of consciousness and hold it, be with it, but when he would come back home it was as if, no I will say our interaction was placing a glass ceiling that did not allow me to reach beyond. Only when i would go in my physical space i would find my own vertical axe again. This was tiring….I have observed that i was tapping into his own glass ceiling and i was sensing it. It took me years to feel it, sense it and verbalize it as such however in 2020, the glass ceiling word came thru.

    This experience showed me, helped me understand that the same applies with anyone who has not broken this glass ceiling. And now that i have stabilized my OWN ground, now that i have also become undependable of anyone and foremost from the low masculine to reach beyond the glass ceiling and STAND there, here by Myself, I am much much much much much more able to welcome anyone who is below this damn glass ceiling put there on purpose..

    I also relate to this inner strength that we have used to see and break thru and all the while holding our guts and our heart in the right direction to keep walking. Now knowing what you have explicited makes me feel even more compassionate for Humanity for all the souls who have not had the strength, who have been held in/and are still held in hostage – not knowing.

    I don’t know if there are many more templates to dissolve but i am glad to be helping this way as i see nowadays how easily it is to dissolve the miasms, erroneous thoughts, patterns naming Christ Consciousness/vibration….instantaneous clearing. # Laser Spot Dissolve Game thru LOVE.