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  • TeriE

    February 9, 2021 at 2:47 pm

    Lauren, you were so very spot on when you said, as this NEW progresses we will long for the quiet caves of our past. The Armageddon comment by Maria, her #2 references and the Beauty that Simone’s comment, that this is born through Marie is profound.

    I have been getting references to the 7 Seals and the Apocalypse in the last 10 days, as well as clues everywhere.

    Our personal Akashic and Blueprint is certainly opening up. Its like Im on a treasure hunt to rediscover my true self. ( and pretty trippy.. not to mention a bit overwhelming that all of this information is just waiting for our Soul to remember this! )

    Its actually getting FUN and playful.


    One of the ‘out of the blue’ 7 women I’ve mentioned, is in Tulum and while we were on a Zoom last week, we were talking about all of our clues/memories coming up.

    She actually found in the cupboard of her ABB house a stuffed toy, from the Disney movie SOUL, of Terry the Accountant in charge of ALL THE FILES of Souls, as we were talking. (I had talking about all of the Soul memories that were showing up for me, and some huge triggers around THE Mother, and Water)!


    Thanks to all who have shared here. This is wonderful!!