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  • Nabila

    February 16, 2021 at 6:39 pm

    Hi Beth

    My own experience is very similar to yours around the body.

    My body has been a very pervasive, front and centre force all my life- very consuming. Like you I can feel it communicating with me but I have been confused all the live long day as to what intel to follow especially around food.

    Again, I can sense that I am actually quite a physical being but not athletic in a traditional way. I’m also super in tune with where my body is at but until very recently and I mean literally in the last few weeks, the communication lines were fuzzy/corrupted by the fact that in review, I was only in touch with my head/intellectual mind with regard to navigating to its best health/place.

    I was like a walking dictionary as to what one ‘could’/should do with regard to eating/lifestyle/body management. Over the years I developed an internal data base of both traditional medical info and holistic protocols that could compete with the most skilled doctors or naturopaths etc but…. it was just information (lower mind stuff) and therefore I seemed unable to truly integrate it into my experience because I wasn’t ‘feeling’ it, or wasn’t in hindsight using my heartmind, simply because I guess it wasn’t yet fully online or was held away from me.

    This past couple of weeks I have been able to connect more with my body in a totally different way and I can feel my body responding very differently. It’s no longer an experience of feeling mind and body as separate entities (which is what again in hindsight I was experiencing) and… I can feel a renewed confidence/sureity of what to ‘do’ and how to ‘be’ in my body which is HUGE considering my greatest stumbling block/teacher has been my visceral cell-f. It’s been the portal thru which I have engaged with this whole ascension journey.

    I used to ‘ask’ my body what it wanted but got no real response or a muddled, confused response that usually offered far to many options to make any sense or for me to actually make headway with.

    This past few weeks this has changed and things are really shifting/moving differently. I can feel my cellular response becoming more immediate and clear cut.

    I think that the very fact you have asked this question/posted this update means you are already moving into the space you know you want/is yours around your body/food conundrum.