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  • Beth

    February 17, 2021 at 4:33 pm

    Thank you all for your replies! It’s so wonderful to be able to reach out to this group and be received and assisted – such a blessing! ????

    Though I don’t think I ever strongly disowned my body, I never fully embraced/loved it, either and lived most of my 3D life in the mind. Like Maria suggested, I was busy connecting to my heart and didn’t have much energy leftover to address the body connection. I sort of thought the body connection would just sort of miraculously happen once I had accomplished integrating my heart.

    My heart/mind connection actually came with words. I can discern my mind because I’ve realized mine most often sounds like a 30-something male who wants to be helpful and has a lot to say, loudly. It took a while to hear my heart, but now I can hear a wise old Native American woman who speaks lovingly and is efficient with her words – I experience energetically sensing from the heart, too – but I often translate these senses back into words internally. (My heart/mind have a lot of love and respect for each other and are like “work spouses” which I think is so funny!) So I’ve been waiting to hear something, maybe in a different voice, from my body. Last night I realized I see my body as a child – maybe a deaf child? So the communication couldn’t be through words and I’ve got to open up to a different type of connection/communication.

    And if I boil down what Xanthe, Nabila, and Lauren say – that communication will most likely be in the form of feeling, visceral, from the gut – free from “shoulds” or interference from my 30-something helpful buddy.

    I will definitely be paying more attention to this – and love the reminder that this will probably be another “gradual process of opening back up.” Love to you all! ????????????❤