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  • Ariel88

    February 22, 2021 at 11:38 pm

    I can also relate to being quite sexual from a young age, though it was entangled with power. And during a time in recent years I found myself enjoying 5 years of unintentional celibacy, which felt like a reclaiming of the innocence of it lost in my childhood. I used to have quite passionate dreams at that time…not daily… and then I returned to Sydney and started dating 4 years ago end enjoyed sex in an entirely more sensual way…a more full bodied experience…playful, the same time enjoying a more sensual experience with other things, like going to the beach, being in the ocean…swimming….the wind caressing my skin, eating food. and then it led to similar I think to what you said Joanna…which I can’t see as I’m writing this…where I felt there was a clearing out of deeper physical sacral energies…the last 9 months aside from one time… I have enjoyed being in my own space, deepening and have had less desire….though like both of you feel that’s about to change again.