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  • Lauren

    February 28, 2021 at 7:21 am

    Hi Lauren! Are you able to elaborate on the following statement you wrote…

    “This is because LOVEworkers are essentially responsible for creating the Lightbody matrix, the map of light that corresponds to the Higher body Template (of immortality).”

    Is this work that we have been doing from the get go, alongside/ simultaneously (ie it’s one and the same) with LOVEwork up until now, or is this the work we will be doing once we activate Our’s/Earth’s Womb and therefore part 2 of our mission? Hope that makes sense ????❤️????.

    Also what does it mean exactly? Does it mean we are / will be responsible for creating the new body template for ourselves and ultimately for Earth simultaneously ( as we will be reconnected to her as One), through our own bodies? Sorry this is sounding a bit gibberish ????