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  • Anne

    March 11, 2021 at 3:47 pm

    Hi Angel,

    I have been using the CLF since its release in February 2020 and my experience of it is vaste however to answer your question for me i feel the CLF is a high level dynamic that i tap into and feel it, the Pure Field of Creation and in using the CLF Divine Decrees and Invocation i have/is feeling the frequency and embodiment/merging gradually taking place. On days when my frequency has been lower, i have felt how the CLF lifts me back. Depending on what i feel i want to emphasize on using the Divine Decrees i notice the Dynamic and the embodiment of CLF, reclaiming and making one with my Divine creativity and my Divine power gently tho surely. I would want to add that it is less about what we are look for than what we are opening to receive. Feeling is everything. Feel what you want to decree for the day, say it with your heart and let it be, your body will be on the receiving end and will let you know-feel. Hope this helps.