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  • Dianna

    May 16, 2021 at 10:40 am

    Thank you, Maria. You really said a mouthful. I’m lying in my bed reading your reply, and quite honestly, I’m still confused. I am under the impression that in order to ascend, to awaken, we must dig deep into who we are, and what makes us tick, so that we can not only learn who we truly are, but adjust those attitudes and beliefs that hold us back, and I’ve been doing that for the last few days. I’ve been given lesson after lesson for months on how to distinguish between the different types of negatives that are on and off this planet. Forces, Powers, Entities, Energies, Parasites, and unknown negatives we have no clue that even exist. While learning this, I also learn so much about myself, and how I deal with and respond to each one with love, and/or the use of my own I Am Presence. Each lesson becomes more and more difficult, and at the same time, I learn more and more about myself. For instance, and I only mention this because of your last reply, I live nextdoor to a man who refuses to speak or acknowledge that I exist. In other words, he dislikes me very much, and I’m not sure why. Anyway, 2 nights ago, this “Power or Force” entered my home, and my field. It was massive. At first, it frightened me with how it affected my body. Then, after it decided to stay, I began having a loving and forthright conversation with it, explaining who I was, and why it could not stay. Then I said something that still, to this day, can’t believe what I said. I told it to go nextdoor to that man’s house, which it did. It was understanding and respectful. However, after it left to go nextdoor, the thing was so huge and massive, that I still continued to feel it’s presence in my home! Ever since I said that, I’ve been so disgusted with myself for my selfish and unloving behavior. Certainly, a member of The Office Of Christ would never do such a thing! I’ve been trying so hard to forgive myself, but am finding it very difficult to do. So, if I’m reading your reply correctly, are you essentially explaining to me that all I’m experiencing is not real, an illusion, a ruse to make me feel unworthy, disempowered, and confused??? Because all I’ve been going through was what I thought was a preparation to my awakening, and my next level in life. If it all is a ruse, and not a preparation from my True Higher Self, well then, they sure did one hell of a great job confusing me! ???? lol. Sometimes, my depression goes through the roof, and trying to figure things out is mind-blowing. And yes, at times, my mind travels to those horrible self-destructing places I care not to describe, and currently, I’m not particularly happy with sending that Power or Force to that man nextdoor. I mean, geez! There are so many things that says about my character and who I am! Last night, was a parade of different negatives, all designed to see how I dealt with each one. I already dread the upcoming of each night, and I rarely get a good few hours of sleep. That is why I said that sleeping pills don’t even work anymore. The only difference then is dealing with the negatives in a very sleepy state! ????LoL