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  • Lauren

    June 16, 2021 at 12:03 pm

    Hi Nan, ear ringing/high-pitched tones is common with very high-frequency downloads. Akin to dial-up internet…which uses phone lines to transmit higher frequency data…that screeching high pitched noise is basically a 20th-century technology tunneled through a 19th-century network. That is kind of what we are dealing with while trying to receive this solar plasmic intel with our outdated hardware…the irony is that we need the downloads in order to upgrade our hardware (transfigure our earthly bodies).

    As I type this I am hearing the words “breaking the sound barrier”, specifically with regard to new thought frequencies and the ascension of the mind we are currently moving thru:

    The diamond dual-core (Heart·mind) processor is quite literally a tool that makes all of this (human stuff) so much more palatable, effortless even. It is a cutting-edge technology that comes equipped with the highest and fastest capacitor for processing and for the transfer of cosmic intelligence…enhanced speed for data (light) transfer/information uploads & downloads

    We are still in the thick of (literally) “off the charts” light infusions (600 km/s winds today) in preparation for the solstice…which is solar peak vibration…revving up our solar power to ignite the next level of our Creatorship. But as the solar and geomagnetic energies settle, you should notice a decline in the ear ringing. I have had days where this has gone on for 12-24 hours and so loud that I could barely hear myself think which can be maddening…but it usually subsides before the next day.

    Also, keep in mind what the report said about the importance of nature:

    Note that the balancing forces of nature are more effective on our neutralizing biofield as we merge with Earth & her kingdoms via embodiment. There is a higher healing and clearing element available that wasn’t prior and so we will find restoration & replenishment result faster as our bio-cell batteries are able to recharge more readily now.

    Hope this helps ease the strain.