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  • Cindy Mathers

    July 18, 2021 at 5:40 pm

    Thank you so much Kimberley I so value your continued love and support. I am so excited about the future. When I returned from Broome nearly a year ago, completely deflated by trying to survive in a crumbling system I could never have anticipated that a new chapter like this would unfold in my life. I, like all of us, have gone through a deep letting go of all that was, all that I thought I was here to be and do, and went into a very mushy messy chrysalis. All ready doors are opening for me in the new place, however, the biggest miracle is the willingness of my mother to relocate herself at 87 and my older sister completely transforming from not wanting anything to do with us, to now creating a home for us. Yesterday she told mum she loved her! Mums response was “If it wasn’t raining, I would do cartwheels down the driveway!!” It is wonderful to see a new relationship blooming between us all, and deep healing making way for a whole new chapter of family healing. Much love to you. Cindy