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  • Lauren

    July 23, 2021 at 11:58 am

    Hi all, we are currently implementing the next wave of site upgrades so you may have noticed that there are some new features and slight changes to format and function in the network. We are still troubleshooting and ironing out kinks but here is a truncated list of some of the updates:

    1. 🔔 The most noticeable (and fun!) new feature is “on-screen notifications” which allows notifications from the network to be overlaid within the website in real-time as a slide-in “glimpse” that appears on-screen. If you click on a notification it will take you directly to the activity or they can be dismissed either individually or cleared as a group. NOTE: You will also notice a blinking browser tab alerting you to new activity if/when you are on a different tab. (See screenshots)

    2. ⚙️ On the sitewide activity feed, you will notice that the edit & delete function has moved to the upper right-hand corner via the three dots. (See screenshots)

    3. 💬 With regard to forums, there are overarching changes being made to make the experience more intuitive and user-friendly. These changes have begun with this update, but there will be more unfolding in the next update that will likely be rolled out in the last quarter of the year. For now, you will notice that there are two new options available for forum posts on the sitewide activity page. “Join Discussion” takes you directly to the forum page/post & “Quick Reply” gives you the option to reply directly from the sitewide activity feed. (See screenshots) NOTE: we are still troubleshooting the READ MORE link on forum posts which atm is not functioning properly.

    4. 🎥 And finally, the last (front end) new feature is the ability to upload videos directly to the site. This means that you no longer have to host your video on a separate server (like youtube, vimeo, etc.) which simplifies the sharing/uploading process. Videos will now be hosted on our server, however…and until we can find a suitable solution to host videos offsite…the compromise is that there will be a (TBD) time limit for how long videos will remain on the site in order to keep lag time down and site speed up.

    To upload a video simply click on the new VIDEO icon 🎥 when posting an update and it will walk you thru the process similar to sharing a photo. NOTE: after you post a video you have the option to change the thumbnail pic should you choose. Simply click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner and add a thumbnail photo of your choosing. (See screenshots)

    That’s the gist of it for now. More (fun) updates/features coming over the next several weeks in the ongoing changeover/upgrade to the New Earth Institute as it comes into full alignment with the New Earth Timeline. Exciting times ahead!