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  • Thelma

    August 25, 2021 at 8:56 am

    My dream: In February 2020, before the pandemic was announced, I dreamed that I wanted to go Home (which to me represents 5D living). I knew that Home lay across a wide river and I didn’t know how to get there.

    I saw a very LONG bridge with streams of people slowly crossing it, carrying lots of baggage. There were numerous checkpoints on the bridge with security/armed guards forcing people to give up more of their belongings at each checkpoint. At first the people tried to give ME their baggage. I didn’t want it. Neither did I want to take this long, arduous way across the water.

    Suddenly I knew there was another way to cross the water to get Home – a shorter way that the masses knew nothing about. It was an old Indian trail, not clearly marked but familiar all the same. I started following it through Nature (bushes, trees, the woods) and soon made it Home.

    Later, I read that some Indian tribes seemed to “disappear” from the Earth but actually shifted together to a higher dimension and they left an energetic trail for others to follow. (I am spending more time outdoors in Nature now and feeling more of a connection.)

    To me, this dream was a preview of what was to come with growing governmental restrictions (“checkpoints”) and loss of sovereign rights and freedoms. The fact that this long, convoluted bridge ALSO led to the other side tells me that the lower timeline will eventually lead there as well, it will just take longer. They were all obediently queuing up and squeezing through the checkpoints which got increasingly tight. I see this happening now with all the medical and governmental imposed restrictions.

    Not sure what the people’s “baggage” represents – maybe their limiting beliefs? Does anyone have any idea?