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  • Lauren

    August 27, 2021 at 2:07 pm

    Not sure what the people’s “baggage” represents – maybe their limiting beliefs? Does anyone have any idea?

    My immediate thought is “emotional baggage” since the bridge was over water (wide river). The bridge seems to represent the “rainbow bridge to New Earth” in which people have to “give up their baggage” (clear the vessel of lower emotions) in order to get to the “other side” (nirvanic realms).

    “Checkpoints” to me speaks to the many (eye of the needle) “choicepoints”…we are offered along the way to drop said baggage…to move beyond duality and the causal ways.

    That you “refused to take on onybody else’s baggage” seems pretty clear that this dream was about the next wave, the masses…those at the soul extension level…and not you.

    And that you found your way Home (unity) thru a shortcut on an “Indian” trail in nature seems to speak to a quantum leap to the Original/Organic timeline (Eden) by way of ancient (indigenous) wisdom.

    Very vivid and poignant dream at such a life-changing juncture.